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FORTNITE themed NERF/ Laser Tag birthday parties

FORTNITE themed birthday parties have landed at ASP!

Building on the wildly successful Commando, Spy, and Zombie formats, Army & Spy Parties is pleased to introduce the latest installment in all things awesome – FORTNITE Themed Birthday Parties!

The FORTNITE party is based on our SAS Commando ‘Combat Crew’ format but with some fun twists and turns to give the event its own flavour!

With a mix of games and activities based around survival, building, teamwork and of course the Battle Royale, we’ll help your ‘Heroes’ defeat your rivals and survive The Storm!

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FORTNITE Birthday Parties – Basic Facts

  • Age: Suits children aged 7-17 years
  • Size: Up to 24 participants. Parents are welcome to play too! (Got a larger group? Just call us on 02 9326 4686)
  • Duration: 90-120 mins
  • We bring everything we need – you just sit back and watch as we run the show!
  • Location: All Sydney Suburbs
  • Price: From $469

FORTNITE ‘Combat Crew’ Battle Parties – Format

While we tailor our format to your event requirements, the basic format for our FORTNITE themed party is as follows:

Surprise Commando entry, followed by 30 minutes of Basic Training with:

  • Constructor/ Soldier/ Ninja/ Outlander challenges
  • Tug-of-War
  • Team manoeuvres
  • Dance moves
  • Distribution of safety gear and weapons

Followed by 60 minutes of FORTNITE themed battle formats (based on 90min party). Games include:

  • Solo and Team based challenges
  • Capture the Flag
  • Elimination dance challenge
  • Accuracy and Marksmanship Challenges
  • Humans vs Zombies
  • To finish up we have the BATTLE ROYALE!!!

And of course there will be loads of Flossing!!

We finish up with birthday cake, prizes for all the children and a grand exit!

At each stage of the party we’ll work hard to engage and entertain all of your party guests (and make a special fuss of the birthday boy or girl).

FORTNITE Battle Party Ideas & Invitations

If you’re looking for something different, we also have loads of FORTNITE themed party ideas to help create a specially tailored event just for you! Please feel free to call us to discuss how we can make your party extra special.

We also have a few FORTNITE themed party invites that are free to download and use for your party!

What’s included in my FORTNITE themed party?

As well as a range of awesome FORTNITE themed party activities, we’ll also provide:

  • 24 x Laser Tag/ NERF Battle guns
  • 24 x Vests
  • 24 x Safety glasses (NERF events only)
  • 500+ x NERF Bullets (NERF events only)

All additional activity equipment including:

  • Tug of War Rope
  • Targets
  • Flags
  • Camouflage paint
  • Markers
  • Barricades
  • Stickers for each child
  • A special present for the birthday boy or girl

All we need from you is kids & space!!! We’ll do the rest!


Pricing – 1 Hero

Pricing – 2 Heroes

Parent planning – it’s easy!

The great thing about having a children’s entertainer at your party is that it takes the pressure off you, and makes it a completely stress-free party experience. You can relax, take photos, enjoy your guests and watch your child have the time of his or her life! Feel free to get involved or sit back and enjoy the show!

All we need from you is:

  • A good space: We can run a Fortnite themed birthday party in your backyard, a neighbourhood park, local oval or large indoor space
  • Food and drinks: A Fortnite ‘Combat Crew’ birthday parties are high energy, high intensity event with lots of exercise, so make sure you have plenty of healthy food and drink available for your hungry troops
  • Cake: Be sure to have the birthday cake ready at least ten minutes before your Commando has to exit. Don’t worry – he or she will give you a nod!
  • Supervision: Although our entertainers take the utmost care to ensure the safety of all the children at your party, parental supervision is required

All the Army and Spy children’s’ entertainers are Police Checked and fully insured.

What are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for, The Storm is coming! Book your FORTNITE themed birthday party today!

For the latest and greatest ‘Combat Crew’ Battle parties, you can speak to our friendly team by calling 02 9326 4686 or 0412 477 733 or simply click below.

Let’s get this party started!!

Absolutely perfect in every sense. This was an “Commando” party consisting of 45 six-year-old boys and over 50 adults – which could have been very challenging and unwieldy. Yet I did not stress because of Army & Spy Parties, They were well organised, fun & exciting for the kid. The entertainers were energetic, skilled and actually seemed to be having fun themselves, which all meant that the adults were able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about the kids keeping occupied and interested.

The feedback I had from the boys after the party was that it was “Awesome” and the best party they had ever been to.

I would highly recommend André and his team for any kids party, and will definitely be contacting them again for our next party!

Gino, Bellevue Hill