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Party formats we offer

With four action packed themes to choose from, Army & Spy Parties has everything you need for your next party!

Get your troops ready for action and transform your backyard into a military training zone with one of our fantastic army themed birthday parties. We’ll send our specially trained Commando from the army barracks with a backpack full of special equipment, awesome activities and team building games.

Army Cadets – Ages 3-7 yrs

Perfect for kids up to 7 years old, our Commando arrives at the party ready for action. He’s tough, no nonsense and knows how to keep the troops inline.

Army Special Forces – Ages 7+

Building on the ‘Cadet’ format, ‘Special Forces’ is designed for older kids, to turn a bunch of wild boys and girls into an organised cohort, pushed to their limits.

SAS NERF – Ages 7+

Our SAS – NERF Battle parties are the ultimate in Commando parties and are split into two parts: Tactical Operations and Weapons Training.

Spy Parties

A super-sneaky spy themed birthday party is the mission, should you choose to accept it..

A fun filled sneaky, spying, and code breaking party your birthday kid will absolutely love. Our Super Spy will visit your party and take your guests on an espionage adventure they won’t forget in a hurry.

With formats to suit all ages, our Super Spies, will tailor the difficulty and hiding places to the age of your guests. Perfect for a Spy Kids, James Bond, or Mission Impossible style themed party, your guests will learn sneaky spy moves, learn how to camouflage themselves and stay motionless for hours (well…seconds) just like EJ12 or Zac Powers.

Junior Spy Party (aged 3-7 yrs)

A fun filled, sneaky, spying and code breaking party your birthday kid will absolutely love. Our stealthy Spy Master will appear suddenly in your midst and take your guests on an espionage adventure they won’t forget in a hurry.

Spy Master Party (aged 7+ yrs)

For any kid who loves mysteries and espionage, or just sneaking food out of the fridge when you’re not looking, Superheroes’ Spy party is the perfect celebration. Assemble a bunch of clue cracking mates and prepare for them to sneak and spy their way to the heart of the mystery.

Spy Master Party (aged 7+ yrs)

Got a mini Ruby Redfort or Zac Powers having a birthday party?  Maybe a James Bond or EJ12? If regular espionage is just not enough for your thrill-seeking super sleuth, why not spyce it up with all the thrills of NERF combat!

Our intensively trained and equipped children’s party entertainers (aka ASP secret agents) will bring all the excitement of NERF clashes to your top secret birthday party spy mission – should you choose to accept it.

The ‘Army & Spy Parties’ Spy Master NERF party is the ultimate in pulse-racing, adrenalin-rushing kids party entertainment in Sydney!

Zombie Parties

Is your child obsessed with all things undead and gory? Does he or she think a Zombie apocalypse could be a good thing? We, the good people at Army and Spy Parties, have brought our most terrifying party will satisfy even the most zombie obsessed child.

Our Zombie Hunter storms into the party as the ‘Commander of the Zombie Protection Force’, wearing a Hazmat suit, warning of an impending zombie invasion. The party guests must act fast and train up to protect themselves against the invading hordes!

FORTNITE parties

Building on the wildly successful Commando, Spy, and Zombie formats, Army & Spy Parties is pleased to introduce the latest installment in all things awesome – FORTNITE Themed Birthday Parties!

The FORTNITE party is based on our SAS Commando NERF format but with some fun twists and turns to give the event its own flavour!

With a mix of games and activities based around survival, building, teamwork and of course the Battle Royale, we’ll help your ‘Heroes’ defeat your rivals and survive The Storm!