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Zombie parties have landed at ASP!

Zombie edited 2Is your child obsessed with all things undead and gory? Does he or she think a Zombie apocalypse could be a good thing? We, the good people at Army and Spy Parties, have brought our most terrifying party will satisfy even the most zombie obsessed child. Our Superhero storms into the party as the the Commander of the Zombie Protection Force, wearing a Hazmat suit, warning of an impending zombie invasion. The party guests must act fast and train up to protect themselves against the invading hordes.

The future zombie fighters are then trained for battle by their Commander. NERF guns are an integral part of training with a series of practice battles against each other. NERF guns are well known to be particularly effective against zombie armies.

Finally, our Commander receives word that the zombies have gone in the other direction and everyone can relax. It’s time for the cake and a well earned rest for the defending army. The Commander warns their troops to remain vigilant, takes his/her cake and disappears to continue his or her hunt for the undead.

Does a Zombie party sound like a dream come true for your child? Contact Superheroes on 02 9326 4686 and find out when the Commander can make a visit to your next kids party.


Want a custom-planned Zombie Survival  Party?

We can tailor our party plan to your exact requirements, taking into account your child’s favourite characters, games and activities. We can also arrange additional characters for extra large groups. Just call us on 02 9326 4686 to chat through your ideas.


1 Entertainer

2 Entertainers

* These numbers are a guide only. We tailor our shows to your needs. Contact us to find out what will work best for you. There may also be a travel fee included if your party is held out of our included area

Want to book your party?

If you like the sound of a Zombie Survival Party for your birthday boy or girl, you can book online, or speak to our friendly team by calling 02 9326 4686 or 0412 477 733.

Parent planning – it’s easy!

The great thing about having us run your party is that it takes the pressure off you, and makes it a completely stress-free party experience. You can relax, take photos, enjoy your guests and watch your child have the time of his or her life! Feel free to get involved or sit back and enjoy the show!

All we need from you is:

  • A good space: We can run a Zombie Survival Party in your backyard, a neighbourhood park, local oval or large indoor space
  • Food and drinks: A Zombie Survival Party is a high energy, high intensity event with lots of exercise, so make sure you have plenty of healthy food and drink available for your hungry troops
  • Cake: Be sure to have the birthday cake ready at least ten minutes before your Commando has to exit. Don’t worry – he or she will give you a nod!
  • Supervision: Although our entertainers take the utmost care to ensure the safety of all the children at your party, parental supervision is required

Important note:

All the Army and Spy children’s’ entertainers are Police Checked, fully insured and hold a First Aid Certificate.

Zombie Characters

Zombie Hunter