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Do you have any references?2021-06-01T12:58:43+10:00

Hundreds! Check the references page on the website or ask us and we’ll be happy to give you the name/number of one of our many happy customers!

Can you do corporate events/ functions?2021-06-01T12:58:24+10:00

Yes, we can cater to all your function needs. Ask us for a Function Info Sheet.

Do all your characters do the same show?2021-06-01T12:58:01+10:00

No, the show changes according to the character/theme and the ages of the children. The basic idea though is that we do games and activities that are simple to understand and involve all the children at once.

Are you qualified childminders?2021-06-01T12:57:42+10:00

No, we are not qualified supervisors or child-minders. We at ‘Superheroes Inc.’ are entertainers, not babysitters. Our aim is to entertain the children with fun and games, and our main focus is on the birthday child. Therefore we ask that at all times there be proper supervision for all the children.

Do you have public liability insurance?2023-08-17T17:24:54+10:00

Yes, we are insured to the value of $20,000,000. If you are holding your event at a venue that required a copy of all external suppliers/contractors click here for our Certificate of Currency.

Are you registered with the NSW Commission for Children & Young People?2021-06-01T12:56:07+10:00

Yes, we are, our registration number is 17733.

Can we change the character?2021-06-01T12:55:30+10:00

Yes, subject to availability.

Can I choose my entertainer?2021-06-01T12:55:06+10:00

As a rule, we book characters not actors. We are happy to take requests but are not always able to guarantee who will be the actor at your event. Please feel free to ask though, and we’ll see what we can do!

Do you need us to do anything?2021-06-01T12:54:43+10:00

If possible, we try to get the parents involved. This really helps the kids settle into the party – if they see the parents enjoying themselves, they will too. This is especially important for younger children (3-4 yrs old). We usually ask the parents to be involved in the first couple games just to get things started.

If there are any changes, how can we contact you on the day?2021-06-01T12:54:11+10:00

You can call us on 02 9326 4686 or 0412 477 733 with any changes you have.

Why do you ask for so many phone numbers?2021-06-01T12:53:19+10:00

So that we can contact you on the day! We understand that you have a lot on your mind during the party and may not always have the phone nearby. So we ask for the number of someone else who will be there on the day that can help us get going.

What do we need to provide?2021-06-01T12:52:54+10:00

All you need to provide is; 1) Kids, 2) A good sized area to use.

Is there a cancellation charge?2021-06-01T12:52:33+10:00

If you cancel the show within 1 week of the show date there is a 50% cancellation charge, within 24hrs it is 100%. Rescheduling of a show due to illness etc incurs a 50% fee on top of the show cost if changed within 24hrs of the start time.

Will both boys & girls be interested in the show? I have both at my party?2021-06-01T12:51:47+10:00

Yes, the idea is that we do games and activities that all the children can enjoy, as a group, though obviously the show is biased more towards to the birthday child/children.

What areas do you work in? Do you charge extra for working outside of these areas?2021-06-01T12:51:17+10:00

We work in the Sydney metro area. For us, that means any area within Mona Vale, Hornsby, Parramatta, Liverpool, Campbelltown, & Cronulla. Suburbs outside of this area may be charged an extra travel fee.

What happens if the children are scared of the entertainer?2021-06-01T12:51:01+10:00

While not a regular thing, this can happen. Where possible, we ask that the parent stay with the child while we interact with both of them. When the child sees that the parent is ok with the character that usually calms them down. If not then they can watch for a few minutes. When that child sees the other children having fun with the character they generally come around.

What are some games that I can do with the kids before/ after your show?2021-06-01T12:50:41+10:00

Unless you ask us to, we generally don’t do games like ‘Piñata’ or ‘Pass the Parcel.’ These games are simple and can work well before/ after your entertainer.

What age groups do you cater for?2021-06-01T12:50:12+10:00

With our large range of characters and themes we are able to cater for children aged 2-15yrs old

Do you stay for the cake?2021-06-01T12:49:37+10:00

We try to do the cake at the end of the show, as the photographs, cake and prizes all work well together. It can be hard to get all the kids together in one spot so we usually try to do it all at once!

Do you have lolly bags for the children?2021-06-01T12:49:14+10:00

No, due to allergies etc we try to have as little as possible to do with food. We take no responsibility for the food provided/consumed at the event.

Do you have prizes/ presents?2021-06-01T12:48:51+10:00

We are able to offer prizes for all the children (stickers, balloon animals, face painting etc) and a present for the birthday boy/girl. This does depend on the character/format and may or may not apply to your event.

When should we serve the food?2021-06-01T12:48:30+10:00

We try to have a small break every 15-20mins (we are dealing with young children here!) so that can be a good time to put some snacks out. Generally though we will try to keep the show going and leave the food until the end. If you would like to serve a meal during the show, please tell us before and we can structure the show around it!

When should the entertainer arrive?2021-06-01T12:47:52+10:00

We generally recommend booking us to arrive between 15-30 minutes after the party has started. This gives everyone time to arrive and also allows for the children to get hyped. Then when we arrive, it’s straight into the action rather than stopping the game every time a new child arrives. Plus, there is nothing worse than arriving at the same time as a child and they see you without the mask/full costume. It takes the mystery out of the show.

What’s a good group size?2021-06-01T12:47:27+10:00

The way we structure our show is based on to the following group sizes. 15 children is good for an hour show, 20 children for a 75mins show, and up to 25 in a 90mins show. More than this, and we would recommend 2hrs+ and/or multiple characters. There are other factors to consider such as the age group and the size of the area we will be in. If the group size is too large, it becomes difficult to coordinate the group and our performance may suffer as a result. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

How much room do you need?2021-06-01T12:46:42+10:00

As much as possible! There’s no easy answer to this as every area (backyard, venue, park etc) is different. This ties in with the question about the numbers of children, as 10 kids don’t need much space but 25 kids need lots!

How does your show work in a party venue?2021-06-01T12:45:30+10:00

Most venues have their own specific party structure so to avoid getting in the way we usually only perform for 1hr. Check with your party venue to see if they have any rules for outside entertainers.

How do you enter the party?2021-06-01T12:44:59+10:00

We always try to make a big entrance at the party to set the tone; we are Superheroes after all! Whether it be bounding over a fence or jumping out of a tree we like to start the party with some excitement.

Safety is paramount though, so while we won’t guarantee to climb any flagpoles, we will start the party right!

How will we know when the entertainer has arrived?2021-06-01T12:44:24+10:00

Your entertainer will call you from outside the party, to let you know that he/she has arrived and is ready to start the show. They will generally ask for a parent to come outside to help facilitate the entrance. This is very important as it can set the tone of the party.

Can we take photographs?2021-06-01T12:43:27+10:00

Of course! We’d love to see them as well, so if you would like, please send them to info@superheroes.com.au, post them on our Facebook page, or to our Instagram using the #SuperheroesInc hashtag!

What do you do if it rains?2021-06-01T12:42:04+10:00

If it’s raining we go inside and do more movement, music and balloon games rather than outside games. If the rain does stop for a bit, we get straight back outside again.

What don’t you do at the party?2021-06-01T12:14:29+10:00

We don’t offer games like ‘Piñata’ or ‘Pass the Parcel’, ‘Musical Chairs’, or ‘Parachute’ games.

So what do you do at the party?2021-06-01T12:11:37+10:00

It’s hard to give an exact answer to this question as every party is different (that’s what happens when you work with kids!) but in a nutshell we do games and activities with the children that are themed to their ages and the character/s. We try to do things that they all know and like, for example hide & seek, tip, musical games, ball games etc.

 Note: Our team member (your entertainer) will go into your event with a ‘Plan A’ format based on character, ages and group size. However, due to many factors (for example; the designated party space, weather conditions, and the energy levels of the kids on the day), we leave it up to the entertainer’s discretion as to the exact format for your event. It is important to be able to react to what the team feel the children will most enjoy. Put this within the Final confirmation email also


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