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Spy Master

Spy Master Party (Age 7+)

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For any kid who loves mysteries and espionage, or just sneaking food out of the fridge when you’re not looking, Superheroes’ Spy party is the perfect celebration. Assemble a bunch of clue cracking mates and prepare for them to sneak and spy their way to the heart of the mystery.

The elusive Spy Master will appear at your party, quickly drawing the guests into a story of hidden treasure and an evil traitor who is hiding amongst them (a Dad in a red hat). The Spy Master needs the kid’s help and must train them in the art of espionage in order to find and solve a series of clues. Only then can they crack the case and find the treasure.

The superb and sneaky Spy Master brings along a set of clues, and will require your help to hide these in suitable spots, to be uncovered by the budding trainee spies. Clues will be simple and clearly written, designed to be read and understood by kids 7 years and over.

The Spy Master then turns your motley crew of cadets into a crack team of spying specialists. They’ll develop speed and agility, learn to move stealthily through the back garden, and remain motionless for hours (or at least seconds). They’ll discover and decode clues, leading to the discovery of the treasure, provided by you, we suggest the birthday cake, the birthday child’s favourite toy, or a treat for everyone.

After the final battle is fought (with balloon swords), the traitor defeated, the treasure discovered and the cake cut, the Spy Master will slip away unseen, leaving behind awesome memories and a bunch of happy new experts of espionage.

Our Spy Master, like all Superheroes characters, is a highly trained, kid wrangling expert who will arrive on time and make a spectacular entrance, capturing the party guests attention from the first and keeping it throughout the entire party.

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